Bachelorette Party Ideas

An unforgettable bachelorette party! The time has come to say goodbye to the single life and open your arms to the future. The time has also come to offer the most unforgettable party to your friends and apologize ahead for the future absence

Whether you are the groom or the best man/maid of honor or mother of the bride, Arrabida Sea Ventures guarantees an incredible day and the most unique party near Lisbon.

Board in this journey filled with joy, dives, deserted paradises, dolphins and above all a great party among friends. Enjoy a beach picnic in an amazing place like Praia Ribeira do Cavalo or Praia da Mijona. Or opt for a wine tasting experience while watching the magnificent views of Arrábida’s Natural Park coastline.

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There many kind of parties but we can get them into two major categories: the regular parties and the epic ones.

The regular parties are those that happen in a restaurant, a room, at home or any one traditional place. The epic ones are those that happen at unsual and stunning spots, such as Yachts.

From weddings or bachelorettes, to cocktail parties, birthdays or even a corporate events, there are no limits for celebrations on board.

There is no scientific explanation but the atmospehere on board is completely different.

Also it’s the perfect excuse to see your boss seasick, to blame the boat swing for a variety of situations happening during the party or to surprise your beloved one with a proposal without worring about her running away.

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