Benagil Marinha Boat Tour | All ages | 2h | Experience the interior of fascinating caves!

Along the tour, lengthways stunning Algarve coast, you are about to experience the interior of fascinating caves, where rock formations, secret beaches, play of colors and the contact with the ocean will unite you forever in a set of unique indescribable sensations, only possible when being so close to nature.

We highlight the Arade River, which rises in Serra do Caldeirão and flows into the Atlantic Ocean, in Portimão, east of Praia da Rocha. We can see the picturesque fishing village of Ferragudo (among the 20 most beautiful in the country)and the Fort of S. João do Arade also known as Ferragudo Castle, built in the 19th century.

At the exit of the bar, on the left side, we can see the lighthouse of Ponta do Altar,commonly known as (lighthouse of Ferragudo and Portimão) with 32m.

Some beaches with white sand and crystalline waters such as the following: Praia da Rocha; Praia Grande; Pintadinho; Caneiros; Afurada; Paraíso; Carvoeiro (considered the most beautiful beach in Europe); Vale de Covo; Carvalho; B e n a g i l (world’s most famous cave, formed by erosion, about 20 million years old, with its official name: Algar-de-Benagil); Corredoura and Praia da Marinha (currently among the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world and known for its imposing Arches of Marinha). On warmer days we offer you the opportunity to feel the thrill of diving in the sea, with breathtaking landscapes as a framing backdrop.



  • Sightseeing Tour along the coast of Portimão, Ferragudo, Europe’s number one beach 2018 Carvoeiro, Benagil and the Archs of Marinha.
  • Countless rockformations and visit to the interior of around 20 Carvoeiro, Benagil and Praia da Marinha Caves and rock formations.
  • Bottled water & Snack.
  • Safety briefing and full passengers insured boat as well as new generation automatic life jackets.
  • Music on board during the tour.
  • A refreshing swim in crystal blue waters (on warm days); due to safety rules, it is not possible to do the swin during the 2020 Season.
  • Return to Portimão Clube Naval (Reception area), where luggage storage, WC, air conditioning are available for your comfort.

Important Information:

  • Try to check in at Naval Club of Portimão, with 15 minutes notice, prior to boarding time, at the Portisub building (Benagil Express headquarters), next door to the famous Museum of Portimão.
  • For your tour you should bring: Towel (warm days), hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, comfortable clothing (in the summer light and fresh), and of course, your camera to capture these memorable moments of your holiday in the Algarve.
  • Suitable for passengers with reduced mobility (we can keep the wheelchair and transport the guest to the boats)
  • Sometimes the sea changes on a shorter notice than expected. In case of ripples or bad weather the tours will be suspended or canceled. Please ask us the day before or the day itself (before leaving home) if the tours are taking place. First the safety and then the adventure.
  • We are not responsible for damages or loss of personal items.



Is it normal for people to get sea sick?

It’s very rare for someone to get sick at one of our experiences. The vast majority of experiences are held only in favourable conditions or we adapt the route. For that reason, the boats sail smoothly causing a great experience for all passengers.If you suffer from chronic motion sickness, in which you get sick even in the car, we recommend that you take a pill 30 minutes before boarding.

What should I bring?

Bring yourself, and some comfortable clothes suitable to the season you are going to be out on the water. Please keep in mind that it is often 10 degrees cooler out on the water, so a jacket or windbreaker is never a bad idea. We also recommend bringing a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses, as well as a swimsuit if appropriate for your charter location.

What happens in the case of bad weather?

If the weather is no go at all and the crew decides it is best not to go out for the sea, we recommend postponing your booking to a later date by coordinating with our team via whatsapp or email or, if not possible, will fully refund you.

How to change the date or time of my booking?

Have you booked an experience, but the date or time is no longer suitable for you? Don’t worry, we here to help. You can change your reservation depending on our partner’s availability and their cancellation policy. Get in touch with our team via whatsapp or email so we can help!

What if you cancel the booking?

Although rare, sometimes we may need to cancel a reservation. We understand that this can significantly impact your plans and will never happen without a verifiable justification. Rest assured that in the unlikely event that it happens you will automatically receive a refund or we can help you find a similar or better experience to rebook.