Best Birthday Party

The best birthday party of your life is here!

You have thought, wondered, hesitated, and found the guts to celebrate one more year in your life? The best idea for your birthday party is here, with Arrábida Sea Ventures.

The sea, the dolphins, the best beaches of Portugal and a coast full of treasures called Arrábida’s Natural Park. We plan your party to your own tastes, committing to provide an amazing day that will not leave your memory nor your friends. Come live a unique experience in the best beaches near Lisbon, with everything you have ever dreamed and with the ones that matter the most by your side!

Contact us for further information

This is how it works: you chose the ones you want to invite, tell us what kind of party you’re looking for - dinner + danceclub / sunset + cocktail / lunch + dolphin watching - or any other combination and we will arrange it all to make this a memorable day for the many years to come. Easy enough?

If you’re lacking ideas to make this a special moment, we can suggest some and tell you all about the best parties we already hosted. Don’t feel that, because you’re on a boat, you’re somehow limited. There’s plenty that can be done including workshops, concerts, movie sessions, dance classes, and much more.

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