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Have you ever seen wild dolphins? It’s a one-of-a-kind experience difficult to put into words. Dolphins are sociable and they will swim so close to you that you can almost reach them! Treat your kids and yourself to this unforgettable experience, ideal to be done as a couple, as a family, or even with a group of friends.

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Mother Nature has blessed us with this paradise. Please, help us to preserve this habitat and be aware of all your actions.

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We could build another website just to tell you all the reasons Portugal is just the right place to enjoy these experiences and much more. But we will try to give you the big picture: Imagine leaving your bag or camera somewhere and not having to worry about it being stolen; walk on flip flops most times and have the chance to finish your day on one of the 360 beaches across the country enjoying an affordable beer or cocktail.

Portugal is often considered the world’s leading destination for a reason. It has over 17 UNESCO world heritage and some of the most incredible cultural and natural landscapes you will ever come across.