Berlengas Ferry | Select the desired date on the calendar for availability and price

Ferry Schedule


Boarding in Peniche at 9:15 am

Boarding for the return at 12:15 on the island of Berlenga


Boarding in Peniche at  2pm

Boarding for the return at 6:15pm on the island of Berlenga

Important: In case you want to spend the full day in the island you must buy the 2 schedules, because the price for the ferry ticket correspond to the boat price plus your time on the island

Ferry Tickets


Scroll down the page and select your desired date from the calendar to confirm boat availability.

The online calendar is always available and so as long as its available your spot is guaranteed.


Select date, time, number of passengers and ages to know the price.

Online Payment

Payment methods:
– Debit or credit card
– Paypal, Ideal, Sofort, Bancontract

Digital Wallets:
– Google pay
– apple pay

Add ons 

At the end of the check out you can add activities to do wile in the island:

• Visit to the Caves in a glass-bottomed boat (30 min)
• Stand Up Padlle – SUP (2 hours)
• Snorkeling Equipment Rental

Meeting point

Largo da Ribeira Velha – Marina de Peniche Nº9, 2520-619 Peniche, Portugal

Tourist Tax

What is needed to go to Berlengas?

The island of Berlenga is a Natural Biosphere Reserve, so it has a limited number of visitors per day (ordinance 19/2022 of January 5th). It is mandatory to register and pay an access fee to enter the island. You can register through the platform

What is the tax value?

Three euros (3 €) per day and per person for access to the land area of ​​Berlenga Island. Visitors over 6 years old and under 18 years old, and visitors over 65 years old pay 50% of the fee. Residents in the municipality of Peniche are exempt from paying the fee.


If there is availability on the boat’s agenda, it is because there are safe conditions for maritime transport to the island.

In any case, you can consult the weather situation on the island to plan the most appropriate clothing and improve your activity plan. You can consult it here:




Is it normal for people to get sea sick?

It’s very rare for someone to get sick at one of our experiences. The vast majority of experiences are held only in favourable conditions or we adapt the route. For that reason, the boats sail smoothly causing a great experience for all passengers.If you suffer from chronic motion sickness, in which you get sick even in the car, we recommend that you take a pill 30 minutes before boarding.

What should I bring?

Bring yourself, and some comfortable clothes suitable to the season you are going to be out on the water. Please keep in mind that it is often 10 degrees cooler out on the water, so a jacket or windbreaker is never a bad idea. We also recommend bringing a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses, as well as a swimsuit if appropriate for your charter location.

What happens in the case of bad weather?

If the weather is no go at all and the crew decides it is best not to go out for the sea, we recommend postponing your booking to a later date by coordinating with our team via whatsapp or email or, if not possible, will fully refund you.

How to change the date or time of my booking?

Have you booked a ticket, but the date or time is no longer suitable for you? Don’t worry, we here to help. You can change your reservation depending on our partner’s availability and their cancellation policy. Get in touch with the operator via:
– phone: 262 407 489
– email:
* Indicate your reservation number. 

What if you cancel the booking?

Although rare, sometimes we may need to cancel a reservation. We understand that this can significantly impact your plans and will never happen without a verifiable justification. Rest assured that in the unlikely event that it happens you will automatically receive a refund or we can help you find a similar or better experience to rebook.