Our boat events offer the perfect scenario to celebrate special occasions with your family, friends or work team. A unique day entirely planned to your preferences. We will take care of all the details so that you can enjoy it fully and have fun. With a wide range of services, Arrábida Sea Ventures can assist you in planning an unforgettable bachelorette party, the best birthday celebration and organize workshops dedicated to team building activities. Tour Arrábida’s coast, meet the dolphin community that inhabits Sado Estuary, visit historical places and stop at the most beautiful beaches from Ribeiro do Cavalo Beach in Sesimbra to Portinho da Arrábida in Setúbal.

Event Activities near Lisbon

Plan for a day cruising Arrábida’s coast and visit the Dolphin Sanctuary or discover historical sites, archaeological places and stop at secluded white sand beaches. Mijona Beach, Creiro, the Lion Stone or Gruta do Frade (cave) are only some of them. From Sesimbra to Setúbal, there are hidden caves between the cliffs, sandbanks and private spots only accessed by boat. We can take you to them, tell you all about their history and show you the best there is to see.

Arrábida Sea Ventures has experienced instructors too. You can spice up your party with the adrenaline of wakeboard or explore to seabed while snorkeling. The flat waters make for perfect wakeboarding conditions and both Anicha Stone and Apertuche are ideal to search for octopuses, seahorses, and sea urchins if you are curious about nature and sea life. The options are endless. Let us know what your requirements are and we will take care of the details!

Boat Parties and Company Events

If you looking for a unique setting for your party get on board with us! Spend your birthday or bachelorette party surrounded by those you love and collect moments you will cherish forever. We also organize boat private parties and company events making for an exceptional day out in the sun or magical sunset party. Arrábida Sea Ventures will find you the right craft and assist you in planning it all.

Team Building Workshops

Our Team Building Activities focus on bringing out the true potential of teamwork and showing that having a good time is also a very healthy part of the job. We set up group activities where everyone can participate and understand how important their role is. A great way to motivate your collaborators to perform better at the workplace is to allow them to have fun while practicing their cooperation skills.

Boat Tours

Explore our Boat Tours and Wakeboard line-up to choose your favorite activities or contact us for help with an exclusive program designed for you and your party!

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