Lisbon Historical Sail 40 ft | Ages 18+ | 2h-6h | Private Experience

Lisbon is known for its beautiful sunsets that will leave you speechless. During your sailing trip, you can relax while appreciating the city from a different point of view and enjoy the last sunset in continental Europe.

Tours in English, Portuguese or Spanish.

Your trip will start in the center of Lisbon, before heading West, to appreciate some of the city’s most famous monuments. Some of the monuments that you will see are:

• Cristo Rei
The Cristo Rei is a Catholic monument built in 1958 under the authoritarian President of the Council of Ministers António de Oliveira Salazar. Inspired by the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, this giant statue was built to express gratitude for escaping the horrors of WW2.

• The 25th of April Bridge
First named Ponte Salazar, the 25th of April Brige was built in 1966 in honor of the Portuguese authoritarian President of the Council of Ministers António de Oliveira Salazar, who named it after himself. Due to its similarity with the Golden Gate in San Francisco, it captures the atention of anyone visiting Lisbon. Its name was renamed for April 25th, the date of the portuguese revolution that overthrew the authoritarian Estado Novo regime.

• The Jerónimos Monastery
The Jerónimos Monastery was inagurated in 1945 by the rule king Manel I. Its architecture style is Portuguese Late Gothic Manueline and its one of the best examples of this style that Lisbon has to show. It was named UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983.

• Padrão dos Descobrimentos
Padrão dos Descobrimentos is a monument located along the river Tagus. This monument celebrates the Portuguese Age of Discovery, when the ships departed to trade with the Orient during the 15th and 16th centuries.

• Belém Tower.
Torre de Belém is a tower that was built in the early 16th century. It was built as a fortress to protect the Portuguese territory in the Tagus river and served as a port from where Portuguese explorers departed. Nowdays it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

During your trip, your captain will share fun and interesting facts about the city and will offer you a welcome drink to celebrate your arrival in this beautiful city.

There is no better plan in Lisbon than appreciating a sunset from your sailing boat! As a country full of maritime history, it is with great pride that Lisbon showcases its appealing and lush landscapes ridden with buildings and rich in history.

The Boat trip can have a duration of minimum 2 hours or maximum 6 hours, depending on your preference.



What type of yacht should I charter?

No matter what type of yacht you choose to charter, we know that you will have a fantastic time on the water. If you are more about the journey, and want a relaxing time aboard, then choose from one of the many sailboats on the platform. If you are more about the destination, and going fast, check out the powerboats. For an exclusive experience, we recommend chartering a luxurious yacht for the day. Finally, we have access to many event boats as well for group outings from 50 – 1,000 guests. If you are still unsure, then just ask!

What should I bring?

Bring yourself, and some comfortable clothes suitable to the season you are going to be out on the water. Please keep in mind that it is often 10 degrees cooler out on the water, so a jacket or windbreaker is never a bad idea. We also recommend bringing a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses, as well as a swimsuit if appropriate for your charter location. Please coordinate with us regarding any food or drinks that you wish to bring aboard. For term-charters, we recommend using soft-sided luggage, and keeping it simple!

What happens in the case of bad weather?

If the weather is no go at all and the crew decides it is best not to go out for hte sea, we recommend postponing your booking to a later date by coordinating with our team via whatsapp or email or, if not possible, will fully refund you.

Is fuel included in the charter price?

Fuel is included when you rent or charter a boat with skipper. When you rent a boat without skipper fuel is not included in the rental price and you will have to fill the tank before the check-out. Please contact us if you would like an estimate of the fuel cost of booking this boat.

Am I insured in case of problems with the boat at sea?

All boats available are insured. If the boat is damaged upon return, the boat’s insurance will cover up to a certain amount, and the rest will be taken out of your deposit. Please note that most incidents are settled out of court with the boat owner. 

How to change the date or time of my booking?

Have you booked a boat, but the date or time is no longer suitable for you? Don’t worry, we here to help! You can change your reservation depending on our partner’s availability and their cancellation policy. Get in touch with our team via whatsapp or email so we can help!

What if you cancel the booking?

Although rare, sometimes we may need to cancel a reservation. We understand that this can significantly impact your plans and will never happen without a verifiable justification. Rest assured that in the unlikely event that it happens you will automatically receive a refund or we can help you find a similar or better boat to rebook.