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Join us for a boat tour lisbon. Depart from Sesimbra along Arrabida’s stunning Coastline!

Discover all the wonderful nooks and crannies of Arrábida’s Coast and explore the most secluded beaches, secret caves and flourishing wildlife in a unique and perfectly balanced ecosystem. Let us take you on an invigorating boat tour and show you a naturally born paradise hiding in plain sight where you can relax and unwind. It is a matter of perspective after all and we promise you, the view from the sea is worthwhile!

The Arrábida Coast boat tour starts in Sesimbra, 30 minutes South of Lisbon. Our Captain will welcome you personally to make sure you are comfortable, feel safe and ready to go.

Join us and cruise the calm and clear Atlantic waters along the coast. We will travel from Sesimbra to Setúbal by sea. There are limestone cliffs, archaeologic sites with centuries of history embedded in them. The mountain range covered by a green cloak of dense vegetation harbors beautiful beaches at its foothills. Ribeiro do Cavalo Beach, Mijona Beach and Portinho da Arrábida are but a few, all dressed in white sand and several of them with exclusive access so that you can escape the usual crowded spots.

Your inner explorer is as welcome as your family and friends. We will take you all on a visit to truly singular places such as the soft shoals (sandbanks) that emerge with low tides and Gruta do Frade, an extraordinary cave 340 meters long and 40 meters wide. Inside this magnificent geological complex, you can find several galleries and observe the stalactite and stalagmite formations with hundreds of years, carefully preserved to this day.

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Every stop we make is perfect for everyone to sunbathe, swim and explore at their own speed. Enjoy the soothing ocean breeze and snorkel in the crystal waters while enjoying the peace and tranquillity felt underwater. The warm Mediterranean climate is sure to make you feel at ease and help you enjoy a much deserved break!

Other Sesimbra Boat Tours

Visit the Dolphin Bay for a day of fun with marine wildlife accompanied by family or friends or try our wakeboarding experience if you are looking for adrenaline. At Arrábida Sea ventures we also offer you solutions to celebrate special events like birthdays and private parties as well as intimate sunset wine tasting tours

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