We exist to find and promote sea time to remember!


Only outstanding sea things


No cancelation by owner or no-show


If shit happens, you will be our priority!


Value for money DNA

  • We in low season so contact us via whatsapp or email for reservations (we usually reply in less then 60 min. for GMT timezone and up to 8 hours for other timezones) 20% 20%

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Why do we Exist?

The Problem

On vacation anywhere by the sea, it’s the first time here and that’s why I’m looking for what to do. Immediately, immense options arise, so many that I lose hours to decide in conscience….

when on checkout i input some detail that suddenly changes pricing and overall conditions.
after booked and hot ready, receive a cancellation by the provider, sometimes a few hours before it starts?!
already pissed off, i need assistance and it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Why the problem?

1. Big online travel agencies are focused on uploading activities and selling them.
2. Activity providers are focused on the operation itself. 

Resume: First class customers are forgotten in the middle

What´s a first class customer?

In our understanding, a first-class customer has the following characteristics:
1. Understand the value of time
2. Prioritizes quality over quantity
3. Realizes that problems happen anyway, we can be more or less effective in solving them
4. Focuses on value not price

What we do?

We dedicate ourselves fully on solving the identified problems

  1. We focus on quality, not quantity. We use our experience to find the top sea time providers and onboard them properly.
  2. We are precise on the info we display and assume responsibility over it.
  3. Our providers are proven great at what they do and assume their compromises.
  4. If shit happens, yes it can happen with us also, whatsapp us, you will be our priority!