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Berlengas, a natural sanctuary, 60 minutes from Lisbon

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Arrabida Sea Ventures
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Lidia EstevesLidia Esteves
11:57 09 May 24
Diogo FerreiraDiogo Ferreira
10:07 29 Apr 24
Nuno SantosNuno Santos
16:50 09 Apr 24
géraldine Verwilghengéraldine Verwilghen
21:04 04 Apr 24
Great people, very professional and nice. Perfect experience with kids
18:47 28 Mar 24
A very pleasant trip at sea. Fernando and Vítor were very helpful and friendly; we loved their explanations about history and geography.
Martim RodriguesMartim Rodrigues
16:05 21 Feb 24
I loved the tour, the team is super attentive.
A Google User
A Google User
16:05 21 Feb 24
I loved the tour, the team is super attentive.
Luís GomesLuís Gomes
15:19 21 Feb 24
Gabriel AbreuGabriel Abreu
15:18 21 Feb 24
Vinicius AmaralVinicius Amaral
15:18 21 Feb 24
Fantastic experience!
Andre TeixeiraAndre Teixeira
15:18 21 Feb 24
Eduardo CarneiroEduardo Carneiro
15:18 21 Feb 24
Tonny 26Tonny 26
15:18 21 Feb 24
Tomas GodinhoTomas Godinho
15:18 21 Feb 24
SK8G0D 259SK8G0D 259
15:17 21 Feb 24
Very good
Mustaf BaigMustaf Baig
09:39 29 Nov 23
We went on a school activity and it was awesome 💪
09:26 27 Nov 23
Wow! Unique experience🫶🏼
Catarina CaeiroCatarina Caeiro
09:25 27 Nov 23
I really enjoyed the activity, I will do it again!
Inês Jones BarataInês Jones Barata
09:25 27 Nov 23
5 star team!!
Bia PedrosoBia Pedroso
09:24 27 Nov 23
Spectacular tour!!
Carolina PinheiroCarolina Pinheiro
09:24 27 Nov 23
I loved it 🤩
Elisa Barchiesi RebornElisa Barchiesi Reborn
20:02 04 Oct 23
Telmo VicenteTelmo Vicente
12:33 28 Aug 23
Jorge Serrate NevesJorge Serrate Neves
14:09 22 Aug 23
I found the tour without a life jacket and without support for people who feel sick on the boat to be irresponsible.
Josééé ChristianJosééé Christian
16:41 12 Jul 23
It was an excellent and wonderful experience. The employees were pretty friendly. Susana and Vítor provided a great service, they left us all happy and full of laughter during the whole trip. They explained the landscapes and history to us very well. Their company is the only one that can be very close to the coast. Besides, after leaving for twenty or so minutes, it was lucky that we found many dolphins by their good guide. Comparing with my experience in Madeira on a tour boat, in Setúbal it was much better and we loved it a lot. Without a doubt, we will go there and take more people. I want to give ten stars!!! ❤️
R KumarR Kumar
15:25 17 Jun 23
Wonderful experience. The most considerate and helpful team who helped accommodate us at the last minute. The dolphin tour and tour of the coastline was phenomenal!
Tina HoffmannTina Hoffmann
16:00 03 Jun 23
We had a super fun time on board. The crew was so nice and explained a lot about the history and the area. We really enjoyed the tour- even that the weather wasn’t that sunny- great all over experience.
Mark RapisardiMark Rapisardi
16:44 02 Jun 23
The tour was fantastic, Marco is a true professional and an unbelievable tour guide. If you’re in Sesimbre, this is a must. This was the highlight of our trip.
Heike UhligHeike Uhlig
09:56 27 Oct 22
We really enjoyed our boat tour. The skippers were friendly and our boat was great. We've even seen some dolphins. It was a great and unique experience.
ian nefskyian nefsky
08:45 26 Aug 22
Fabulous experience!!! Great communication. Victor and his daughter were very gracious, clean boat, perfect for the excursion. Saw so many dolphins. Swam in a beautiful clear water green grotto. A very exciting memorable day! Thank you Edgar and group!
We had an amazing time on the dolphin and coastline tour with Arrabida Sea tours! Our guides were knowledgeable, professional, experienced and very friendly. They were kind to my children and very eager to point out and help them see dolphins!It took a while before we saw any dolphins, and we were worried they might give up and say no dolphins today, but they kept looking and calling other boats. And sure enough, we saw dozens. It was truly magical and something my kids will never forget! And at age 74 my mom saw dolphins for the first time in her life, and experienced it with her only grandchildren! It was a fantastic day filled with a lifetime of memories!Do not hesitate and do not book with anyone else. If you have any questions, concerns, issues, send a WhatsApp or call/leave a voicemail. I did, and I am so thankful I did. They answered my voicemail and my WhatsApp and really took care of my family. Treated us like their family!We can’t wait to return and book another adventure! THANK YOU!
Deli MatsuoDeli Matsuo
16:41 25 Aug 22
We used Arrabida Sea Ventures to book a private sailing boat. It was the highlight of the trip for us. We truly enjoyed our time with the crew and the incredible sightseeing that you can only get from the water. Highly recommended.
Great tour with a good view of the occean and a comfortable boat/crew. We saw the dolphins close to the boat and were next to them for a long time. When the dolphins needed peace, we drove to the coast and looked at some of the beaches.Would definately reccomend this company!
Yuranny CabralYuranny Cabral
10:05 08 Aug 22
Very nice tour! Got to see many dolphins. My 4-yr old kid enjoyed it very much. Great views and great crew. Would definitely do it again!
08:30 25 Jul 22
Wow - what can I say? Thank you, thank you thank you! Quite simply one of the best days we ever had - made extra special by the thoughtful tailoring of the day to the needs of our very mixed group, wonderful hosting by the crew, and a wonderful boat. It was just so much fun!
Sara RamosSara Ramos
21:06 25 Jun 21
The best captain in Sesimbra! Available, helpful, friendly, extraordinary, no adjectives possible for the trips we made. Over the years we have done several and I can assure you that the last one is always better than the penultimate. Don't hesitate, this is your choice for a Genre adventure. P.S. for those who can, ask to see the sea on fire....
S. G.S. G.
21:23 25 Jul 20
A fantastic experience. We saw loads of bottleneck dolphins and were the only boat there for a while. Edgar is a great guide who gave just the right amount of Information. The trip along the coast after the dolphins was also wonderful.

Arrábida Sea Ventures Boat Tours: Discover the Setúbal Region

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Welcome to Arrabida Sea Ventures – your gateway to aquatic adventures!


Boat trips in the Setúbal Region with ASV

Discover the Natural Beauties of Arrábida

If you are looking for boat trips in the Setúbal region, Arrábida Sea Ventures (ASV) offers a unique opportunity to explore the natural wonders of the region. During an exciting tour of the coast, you’ll have the chance to discover paradisiacal beaches and hidden caves that are true treasures of nature.

ASV provides accurate, experience-based information, enabling customers to make informed choices that result in unforgettable moments at sea. With a combined fleet of more than 40 boats of different types and a local team of 50 skippers and sailors, as well as 5 operational managers on land, the company guarantees fast and efficient service. They respond quickly to customer requests, either via WhatsApp chat in less than 30 minutes or via email in up to 60 minutes.

Adventure on the Setúbal Coast

By opting for a boat trip in the Arrábida region with ASV, tourists have the opportunity not only to enjoy the breathtaking scenery along the coast, but also to experience unique adventures provided by the company. Imagine yourself sailing through the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean while exploring impressive coastal caves or diving stops in calm, crystal-clear waters.

What’s more, with a variety of boat rental options in the Arrábida region available through ASV, visitors can choose the ideal vessel for a personalized water journey.

Exploring the Berlengas Nature Reserve

Discovering the Berlengas with ASV

Arrábida Sea Ventures (ASV) offers exciting boat trips to explore the stunning Berlengas Nature Reserve. Through these tours, visitors have the opportunity to discover the rich biodiversity and breathtaking landscapes of this unique place. With the comfort and stability of the Catamaran used on the crossings between Peniche and the Berlengas, passengers can enjoy an unforgettable trip.

ASV allows customers to buy their tickets online, giving them an up-to-date schedule with real-time availability. In addition, there is also the option of making instant reservations, ensuring convenience for travelers wishing to explore the natural wonders of the Berlengas. This convenience allows tourists to plan their visit in advance or decide spontaneously to live this unique experience.

Adventure in the Nature Reserve

By choosing to board the ASV ferry to the Berlengas, passengers commit themselves to an exciting adventure where they can personally witness all the natural beauty of this special reserve. Along the way, you can catch a glimpse of majestic seabirds flying over the crystal blue sea as you approach the Berlengas archipelago.

Boat rental in Setúbal, Troia and Sesimbra by ASV

Rent in Setúbal Troia and Sesimbra

When it comes to boat rental in Setúbal, Troia and Sesimbra, ASV offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the freedom of exploring the region’s crystal-clear waters. ASV began operations in 2017 in Sesimbra, but due to rapid growth migrated its center of operations to Setúbal in 2020. The distribution network extends from the Sesimbra Marina to the various anchorages in Setúbal and also to the Troia Marina.

Renting a boat with ASV allows visitors to discover the coastal beauty of both Troia and Sesimbra. Imagine yourself sailing through the calm waters while enjoying breathtaking views of the unspoiled beaches and unique rock formations along the coast. The experience is truly enriching, providing an incomparable perspective of the natural wonders of this region.

Unique Experience

By choosing to rent the Arrábida boat, travelers have the chance to explore the picturesque coastline and also experience unforgettable moments with their family or friends. The flexibility that this service offers allows visitors to customize their itinerary according to their interests – whether it’s snorkeling in secluded coves or simply relaxing under the bright sun on the deck of the boat.

The possibility of renting a boat through ASV completely transforms the way you experience this stunning coastal region. With options available in both Setúbal and Troia as well as Sesimbra, sea lovers can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of these exclusive destinations on their own, creating lasting memories along the way.

Memorable Customer Experiences at Arrábida Sea Ventures

Moving testimonials

Arrábida Sea Ventures has been the destination of choice for many clients looking for unforgettable experiences. The moving testimonials reveal the satisfaction and joy of the visitors, highlighting unique moments spent with the company. For example, some clients described how they felt truly connected to nature while exploring the region’s crystal-clear waters.

Others shared how they were captivated by the warm hospitality and professionalism of the Arrábida Sea Ventures team. These accounts reflect not only exciting adventures, but also meaningful and memorable encounters that go beyond simple tourist activities.

Inspiring Stories

The inspiring stories shared by customers provide an authentic insight into the experiences offered by Arrábida Sea Ventures. From impressive dolphin sightings to stunning sunsets during private tours, each account conveys the natural beauty and diversity of the options available to visitors.

What’s more, the narratives reveal how the personalized services and attention to detail really turned their expectations into reality. Customers expressed gratitude for the exceptional care they received throughout their sea journeys, thus solidifying lasting memories that exceeded all expectations.

Ocean Missions and the Support of Arrábida Sea Ventures


Contribution to Ocean Preservation

Arrábida Sea Ventures plays a role in preserving the oceans by supporting various ocean missions. The company is actively involved in projects and initiatives aimed at protecting marine life and aquatic ecosystems. For example, it offers logistical support to scientific expeditions studying marine biodiversity or carrying out research into endangered species.

In addition, Arrábida Sea Ventures also collaborates with environmental conservation organizations, providing essential resources to help clean up the oceans and beaches. This could include sponsoring diving equipment for volunteers taking part in coastal clean-up operations or providing boats to collect plastic waste from the seas.

Projects supported by Arrábida Sea Ventures

Several projects receive support from Arrábida Sea Ventures, from educational programs on marine sustainability to initiatives aimed at restoring coral reefs. For example, the company can fund educational programs in local schools on the importance of preserving the oceans or contribute financially to efforts aimed at creating marine protected areas.

In addition, Arrábida Sea Ventures can also offer technical and logistical support for expeditions dedicated to monitoring the health of coastal ecosystems. This includes making specialized boats or underwater equipment available to facilitate research related to marine conservation.

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